Add a lifetime Warranty!

All Rings shipped in the USA come with a 10 day exchange for $12.00. After 10 days it goes to $19.95 or 14.95 if you added the life time warranty. Outside United States – $29.95 per exchange.

Add a Lifetime Warranty

Remember Tungsten is so hard that it cannot be re-sized, but Tungsten is not indestructible.   

Add a Lifetime Warranty. Remember,  if your ring gets ruined for any reason (damaged, scratched, faded or even breakage) we will replace your ring for $19.95.  Also, includes life time size exchange Discounted rate of $14.95 instead of normal $19.95 processing fee per ring claim. (Lost or stolen ring replace for 29.95). Laser engraved rings cannot be exchanged and would fall under the damaged provision of $24.95. Warranty normally 79.95, on sale for $34.95.

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